At Kokua Therapy Services, our mission is to provide family-centered care for a variety of speech, language, and feeding disorders. Research shows that caregiver involvement in therapy leads to the best outcomes for your child. We will coach you on specific skills and strategies during sessions so that you feel confident to continue your practice at home.

Response to COVID: We are currently providing services in-person and via telemedicine. We regularly check-in and follow the CDC’s guidelines for businesses and the Hawai’i Department of Health guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of employees, patients, and their families. Clinician wears a mask throughout sessions and any toys/materials used are cleaned with a hospital grade disinfectant. For information specific to Speech Pathology and in-person services, you may refer to ASHA’s recommendations.

Eat + Thrive

Feeding Therapy & Evaluations

We can evaluate and treat your child for the following conditions:

  • Picky eating/food aversion and/or severely limited diet
  • Sensory challenges including avoidance of specific textures (i.e. wet, mashed, crunchy)
  • Difficulty with texture progressions
  • Chewing difficulties including choking, gagging or coughing
  • Poor weight gain or failure to thrive (FTT)
  • Feeding tube dependence and weaning
  • Difficulty with swallowing and/or history of aspiration

*We can evaluate and treat children 9 months and older

Talk + Grow

Speech/Language Therapy & Evaluations

We can treat for the following conditions:

  • Delayed expressive language (not talking, limited use of words, not putting words together to form sentences)
  • Delated comprehension issues (i.e. difficulty understanding words, specific concepts, following directions)
  • Delay in articulation (pronunciation of specific sounds/letters)
  • Autism spectrum disorders and/or social language difficulties
  • Apraxia of speech
  • Fluency disorders (stuttering)
  • Non-verbal/use of speech generating device(s) or alternative communication methods

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